Coffee Clouds & Golden Skies

This week’s Dram Attic Exclusive is one of our favourites. We don’t generally favour one great drink over another but this one calls for an exception. Why? Because, coffee! What better drink than one that combines the bold bitterness of those beans with the creamy, rich intoxication of whisky?

Nick Ord, Brand Ambassador of Diageo’s Luxury Portfolio in India, has followed his heart around the bartending circuit for almost 2 decades now. Having trained bar crew at luxury resorts across the Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai and worked in some great bars across the UK, Nick brings a whole new dimension of experimentation to his mixology game.

We are happy to share with you, Nick’s very own Coffee Clouds & Golden Skies.


45ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label

15ml Dark Crème de Cacao

30ml Spice-infused fresh espresso

5ml Sugar Syrup (to taste, if you have a sweet tooth…)



First prepare your spiced-espresso concoction by brewing some fresh Arabica beans with 5 grams each of star anise, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon (you can experiment with this by using whichever of your favourite spices you have in your cupboard). Once it has cooled, add the mix to a cocktail shaker with your Johnnie Walker Gold Label and chocolate liqueur, fill it with as much ice as you can and shake it hard and fast! Fine strain out the shaken ice and bits of leftover spice. Garnish with a grating of nutmeg and three coffee beans for health, wealth, and happiness!

dram attic nick

We recommend you add a twist to your coffee this week and drink responsibly!


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