The Bartender’s Dilemma

Only too often, the bartending community is riddled with the dilemma of refusing a drink at work. Peer pressure, unfair expectations, and internal stress are all factors that contribute to the inability to refuse a drink when behind the stick.

The Other Room

The only place you need to be if you’re looking for the third dimension to drinking.

Home Is Where The Bar Is

There are heroes, and then there are Instagram heroes who give us some serious #CocktailGoals. Meet Federico Capilli.

Kisses From Glasgow

In continuation of our love affair with whisky cocktails, Dram Attic presents ‘Kisses From Glasgow’ by Jamie Walker. Read on to discover the story of this mysterious little drink.

The One With The Muse – Nick Ord

In this series, we ask bartenders to use their imagination to conjure an inspired drink. The brief is simple – pick a muse, imagine he/she walks into you bar, based on how you would describe his/her personality, make a befitting drink.

The Emerald

Did you think we forgot to share a cocktail with you this week? Expect better! We were just waiting for the weekend, like all good things. Concluding the Dram Attic Exclusive series for this season (that’s right, but we’ll be back sooner than you think), we are delighted to share with you a delectable drink…

Mcilroy Sour

  We’ve been very excited to share this drink, the Mcilroy Sour with you for a while now for two reasons. First, it features the highly praised Bulleit Bourbon but more importantly, the drink has been created by the very talented James Estes who can only be described as a prodigy in the world of…

Storms a Brewing

It’s no big secret that we at Dram Attic prefer to keep our drinks limited to whisky and its various lieutenants, but when a drink looks and tastes as good as this, we’re happy to share it with our friends. 27 year old bartender from Maine, Vandi Farren began her journey in the world of…