IDCA – India Drinks Culture Advisory


Supported by The Dram Attic

IDCA is a collective of F&B professionals based in India that seeks to provide candid, pro-bono inputs and help brands and bars connect with the right people within the community, to meet their objectives. 

The founding members of IDCA consist of bartenders, bar owners, and beverage writers who have considerable experience navigating the world of bars and spirits in India and abroad. Their collective experience spans ownership, bartending, global sales of spirits, strategy, and marketing. 

IDCA seeks to provide a platform for both inbound and outbound business enquiries.


Brands seeking to establish a foothold in India can approach IDCA to ensure they find the right people to work with, are aware of possible loopholes, and to evaluate collaboration possibilities with local talent.


IDCA also seeks to act as a voice for India’s burgeoning cocktail culture and act as a bridge between India and the rest of the world, facilitating dialogue, engagement, and promotion of local talent and brands to the wider cocktail community, strictly based on merit.


Yangdup Lama (@thespiritedmonk): Bar Owner (Sidecar, Cocktails & Dreams), Mixologist, Entrepreneur, as well as published author, Yangdup has over 2 decades of experience in the trade, and has been pivotal in nurturing India’s craft cocktail and spirits industry. 

Arijit Bose (@drinkswithdabose): With over 15 years of experience in the bar and beverage industry, including the successful PCO Speakeasy in New Delhi,  Arijit spent a good amount of time as part of the award winning team at 28 Hong Kong Street (SG) before bringing his talents back to home base, helping cultivate India’s bar industry through training, ambassadorship programmes, and continuing to champion bar talent across borders. 

Priyanka Blah (@priyankablah): Founder & Editor of global cocktail platform The Dram Attic, and export sales in charge for a British craft spirits company for MEA, Russia & Ukraine, Priyanka’s expanse of knowledge about bars and spirits rests both within India and across borders as a brand strategist, writer, and podcaster. 

Minakshi Singh (@min.drinks): Co-founder of award winning bars Sidecar and Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy, Minakshi has over 15 years of experience toiling through the world of bars and spirits in India. She began her journey in the world of spirits helping liquor brands increase their on-trade footprint in a rapidly metamorphosing urban India. 

Pankaj Balachandran (@isaynegroni): A hospitality industry professional with close to a decade of experience specialised in wines, spirits and cocktails, Pankaj is a sommelier and a craft barkeep who has been instrumental in transforming the beverage industry of India through opening several cocktail bars across the country and abroad. Pankaj also is the face of the popular scotch whisky brand Monkey Shoulder, passionately creating experiences in the beverage space, one drink at a time.

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