The Dram Attic Vault

We’re stoked to share our whisky loot with you, following our beautiful wedding in the hills.

Nick Ord Speaks

Continuing our tête-à-tête series with the beverage industry’s finest, we’re excited to share this one with Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador Nick Ord in particular.

Drink, Read, and Be Happy

If you enjoy the fine spirits and find yourself kindling a curiosity about mixology, spirits, and their various lieutenants, you may enjoy these books recommended by the finest in the industry. 

Tom Vernon Speaks

Say hello to Tom Vernon. Born in Kingston Upon Thames and currently residing in London, Tom looks after Woodford Reserve’s diverse portfolio of whiskies with training, seminar’s and talks all over the world.

Rusty Cerven Speaks

Meet Rusty Cerven. Winner of many accolades in the beverage world including being the Slovak representative on the Finals of the 10th Global Finlandia Vodka Cup in Finland in 2008, being the UK representative on the Global Final of Bombay Sapphire Competition in Morroco in 2012, and World Champion for Bols Around The World Competition…

Declan McGurk Speaks

The American Bar at The Savoy, London needs no introduction. Iconic classic American cocktails, impeccable service, and the birthplace of every bartender’s bible, the legendary Savoy Cocktail Book. We caught up with Declan McGurk from the American Bar at The Savoy.

Whisky Cacao Beef

Dram Attic is pleased to announce a brand new series called #CookingWithWhisky. In this series, we combine our love for food and whisky and share some original recipes with you, straight off the Dram Attic kitchen counter. We hope you try these recipes and tell us what you think! Remember, you don’t always have to…

The Emerald

Did you think we forgot to share a cocktail with you this week? Expect better! We were just waiting for the weekend, like all good things. Concluding the Dram Attic Exclusive series for this season (that’s right, but we’ll be back sooner than you think), we are delighted to share with you a delectable drink…

Coffee Clouds & Golden Skies

This week’s Dram Attic Exclusive is one of our favourites. We don’t generally favour one great drink over another but this one calls for an exception. Why? Because, coffee! What better drink than one that combines the bold bitterness of those beans with the creamy, rich intoxication of whisky? Nick Ord, Brand Ambassador of Diageo’s…

Mcilroy Sour

  We’ve been very excited to share this drink, the Mcilroy Sour with you for a while now for two reasons. First, it features the highly praised Bulleit Bourbon but more importantly, the drink has been created by the very talented James Estes who can only be described as a prodigy in the world of…

Storms a Brewing

It’s no big secret that we at Dram Attic prefer to keep our drinks limited to whisky and its various lieutenants, but when a drink looks and tastes as good as this, we’re happy to share it with our friends. 27 year old bartender from Maine, Vandi Farren began her journey in the world of…

Cherry & Walnut Smoked Old-Fashioned

  Meet Alex Percival. He’s sharp, he’s pretty good looking, he’s funny, and the icing on the cake? He can make a bloody mean cocktail. Alex has over 20 years of experience in the bar industry and currently lends his expert advice as the Director of Tin & Glass Consultants Ltd, a London-based, internationally operating…