Craig’s Edible Peat

If you’re a Whisky lover, then you’re obviously no stranger to the significance of peat in some of our favourite single malts and blends.

Kisses From Glasgow

In continuation of our love affair with whisky cocktails, Dram Attic presents ‘Kisses From Glasgow’ by Jamie Walker. Read on to discover the story of this mysterious little drink.

The One With The Muse – James Estes

In this series, we ask drink-smiths to conjure an inspired drink for their muse. The brief is simple – pick a muse, imagine he/she walks into you bar, based on how you would describe his/her personality, make a befitting drink.

The Spirit of Christmas – Raveen Misra

It’s the holiday season and for most of us, that means food, drinks, laughter, and the company of those we love. This time of the year brings with it, a need to host intimate dinners, make great drinks, and essentially serve up a great time. 

The Dram Attic Vault

We’re stoked to share our whisky loot with you, following our beautiful wedding in the hills.