Dram Attic Review: Glenfarclas 15


The Dram Attic house has been indulging in the award-winning Glenfarclas 15. A lovely Speyside single malt with a bold sherry character. Here’s what we think.


The Appearance:

A first look at it reveals a dull and hazy quality, not quite crystal clear. It has a pale intensity and leaves thin, but very prominent legs on the walls of the glass.


The Aroma:

A sniff later, a clean and youthful aroma cuts through with a hint of floral and spice notes.


The Taste:

As with most good single malts, we went head first into this one, neat. The first sip left a very distinct dryness on the palate with a sharp alcohol burn, which lasted long enough to be noticed and yet not long enough to become uncomfortable. There are definite strong hints of spice but almost none of the floral notes that we could smell earlier, leaving the palate with a complex and slightly unbalanced finish. Also very prominent are notes of lemon, lime, green apple and conifer and definitely some darker berries like blackcurrant on the exhale.

On adding a splash of water, the Glenfarclas almost transformed. The water brought out a generous sweetness and a far more balanced alcohol taste. The overall body of the drink was lifted and balanced with the addition of water, which also seemed to have brought back the floral aromas we had initially encountered.


The Verdict:

Definitely one to try, also from a pure historical value perspective. Glenfarclas was the only distillery in Scotland to have directly fired their stills, which could have had a significant impact on the flavours of the whisky. The explosion of aromas and flavours on adding water, makes this single malt very intriguing.



* * * ½


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