Moka Connection

andrea fidora

In continuation of the Dram Attic Exclusive series of innovative cocktails by the best in the beverage world, we are stoked to share with you a cracker of a cocktail, the Moka Connection by Andrea Fidora.

Andrea has garnered tremendous international experience as a bartender and manager since the age of 16 and won several awards in Italy and many other global destinations. Andrea currently holds the position of MONIN Beverage Innovation Director for Middle East, Africa, South Asia and harbours a passion for travel, tequila, chocolate, good food and drinks, and most recently, beach tennis!

Have a look at this delectable drink he has shared with us at Dram Attic – a mix of great aromas and bold flavours, just the way we like it! We’re going to dive right into it.



30ml Ron Zacapa 23

30ml Johnnie Walker Double Black

20ml cold-brew coffee

15ml MONIN Falernum syrup

15ml Carpano Antica Formula

3ml Fernet Branca



Stir with ice and strain into the upper chamber of an Italian “moka” coffee maker. The lower chamber is filled with crushed ice to keep the drink cold.

Enjoy your drink responsibly!


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