The Flying Scotsman

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Imagine walking into your favourite neighbourhood bar after 3 months and finding that it’s just not the same…at all! New decor, new concept, new music, new life. But hang on a second, the staff is exactly the same and so is the name. Amused? That’s what the Hedonist Project is all about. Located in Leeds, UK, this bar is the brainchild of Tom Finnon and his colleagues who wanted to have something new to offer their customers every once in a while. The Hedonist Project has been a whisky bar, a gin kitchen as is now all set to revamp as a surf themed rum bar for the next three months. The excitement never ends!

We are stoked to be able to share this drink, The Flying Scotsman which was created by Tom Finnon at their last pop-up bar concept – a Scottish Whisky Parlour.


20ml Singleton of Dufftown
20ml Ron Zacapa 23
20ml Stout Syrup (reduce 330ml of Guinness with 600g of sugar)
20ml espresso
10 coffee liqueur (Mr Blacks or Kahlua)



Strong shake and served straight up with a sprinkle of freshly ground espresso.
As Tom likes to put it, “you think you don’t like whisky…try this”.
We can’t wait to dive into this one.
Drink responsibly!

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