Kisses From Glasgow

In continuation of our love affair with whisky cocktails, Dram Attic presents ‘Kisses From Glasgow’ by Jamie Walker. Read on to discover the story of this mysterious little drink.

Originally from Glasgow, Jamie started bartending to guarantee himself Pizza and beer while as a student at university.  Fortunately for us, a double major in Accountancy and Politics only pushed Jamie more firmly behind the bar, conjuring up drinks like the one he’s sharing here with us today. Jamie currently serves as Reserve Brand Ambassador for Diageo’s Luxury portfolio in the Deccan Region of India.

Let’s hear it from the man himself.

The drink that I am going to be serving up for Dram Attic today is a lively little number I have been running twists on for as long as I can remember. Although originally designed for purely banter purposes, having had garnishes like ‘banging techno’ and ‘insert Destiny’s child remix’ and served as punch at after parties from Glasgow to Sydney, the fundamentals of this drink run along the simple spirit, sweet, sour, spice formula that punched have been based on for centuries. Now being based in India I have added a little Indian twist to keep people guessing.

Kisses from Glasgow

Can be served as a punch or in a beautiful single serve with added egg white to give it some body.


50ml Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

15ml Buckfast tonic wine

30ml Reduced Irn Bru & camomile syrup

20ml freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice

10 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 green cardamom pod.

Egg white

Garnish with squares of deep fried mars bar.


Muddle the cardamom pod lightly and add all other ingredients. Shake it like you would shake a can of warm tenants before handing it to your best friend at T in the park. Strain into a rocks glass over an ice block.


We’re going to make this drink every time we want to be transported back to Scotland. We hope you will enjoy this one responsibly.


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