The Bartender’s Dilemma

Only too often, the bartending community is riddled with the dilemma of refusing a drink at work. Peer pressure, unfair expectations, and internal stress are all factors that contribute to the inability to refuse a drink when behind the stick.

Tom Vernon Speaks

Say hello to Tom Vernon. Born in Kingston Upon Thames and currently residing in London, Tom looks after Woodford Reserve’s diverse portfolio of whiskies with training, seminar’s and talks all over the world.

Declan McGurk Speaks

The American Bar at The Savoy, London needs no introduction. Iconic classic American cocktails, impeccable service, and the birthplace of every bartender’s bible, the legendary Savoy Cocktail Book. We caught up with Declan McGurk from the American Bar at The Savoy.

The Emerald

Did you think we forgot to share a cocktail with you this week? Expect better! We were just waiting for the weekend, like all good things. Concluding the Dram Attic Exclusive series for this season (that’s right, but we’ll be back sooner than you think), we are delighted to share with you a delectable drink…

Banana Drama

Originally from Leeds, now living in London, James Wall has worked his way through life, gathering experience in a gin distillery and a world famous steakhouse. Having worked for over 12 years behind some notoriously famous bars across the United Kingdom, James brings to us the Banana Drama.   Ingredients 50ml Johnny Walker Black Label 5ml Amaro…

Bloody Nighe

Meet Dave West, ex Belvedere Brand Ambassador who now bears the torch of Brand Ambassador, Jack Daniels and has almost a decade of bar experience under his belt. We asked Dave to contribute to our #DramAtticExclusive series and he went the extra mile, sharing this lovely cocktail created by his colleague Jon Lee at Jake’s…