Bloody Nighe

bloody nighe

Meet Dave West, ex Belvedere Brand Ambassador who now bears the torch of Brand Ambassador, Jack Daniels and has almost a decade of bar experience under his belt. We asked Dave to contribute to our #DramAtticExclusive series and he went the extra mile, sharing this lovely cocktail created by his colleague Jon Lee at Jake’s Bar.

Take a look at the Bloody Nighe*.


* A Nighe is a Scottish Fairytale banshee who cleans the dead of their blood. Links to a Bloody Mary and the Scottish heritage of the Whisky. Fascinating, isn’t it!




25 ml Lagavulin

25 ml Steampunk Casabel & Fig Liquer

100 ml tomato juice

a pinch of smoked sea salt

pinch of black pepper

5 dashes of tobasco

bar spoonful of horseradish

barspoonful of lime




Pass or thrown


Enjoy this beauty responsibly!





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