The Black & Yellow by Michael Lynch

When in Scotland, put Bramble Bar on your list. Here’s why. 

It wasn’t very long ago when the Dram Attic family was in Scotland. Having been blessed with great weather and company at The Isle Of Skye and the lovely Loch Lomond, we decided to conclude our stay in the country in Edinburgh. We have to admit, we were there with a single agenda – to get a drink at the very popular Bramble.

With our agenda set clear, and a firm resolve, we set out on a walk in lovely Edinburgh. After a short albeit very nippy walk, we found the charming little spot, tucked away below ground level, almost hiding from the world. This lovely bar exuded warmth and a great deal of confidence from the minute we set foot in it. We seated ourselves at the bar and wasted no time in getting chatty with Michael, who is the bar manager at Bramble Bar and who no doubt, churned us out some amazing whisky cocktails with undeniably evident panache. To cut a long story short, we went for one drink and stayed for 3….each. That’s right, we were more than suitably impressed.

Michael and Bramble Bar clearly made a lasting impression so how could we not have them grace our pages?

Without further ado, here’s introducing Michael Lynch sharing a cocktail that perfectly sums him up – The Black & Yellow.

The Black & Yellow was the first whisky cocktail I created for the menu at Bramble after joining the team at the end of 2016. 

Monkey Shoulder is the back bone of the drink and I have a personal connection to it through Grant Neave – their brand “am-badass-ador.” He was one of the first bartenders I worked with and taught me a lot. 
The drink is built on a whisky sour formula using a honey and bee pollen syrup, Rinquinquin peach aperitif, Kilchoman Machir Bay single malt whisky, fresh lemon juice with a dusting of edible ash on the outside of the glass.
For me it sums up how I approach drinks and what Bramble is all about – it’s simple but not simplistic. On paper, Black & Yellow doesn’t read as overcomplicated which helps to keep the drink approachable but it has great depth, texture and flavour – as all cocktails should.”
To us, it sounds like this drink will exceed expectations. We urge you to try this at home or better still, head over to Bramble on your next visit to Edinburgh. Say hello to Michael and his great team, and let them work their magic.
And of course, drink responsibly.

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