Singapore Cocktail Bar Association – Geared for Support

At a time when CoVid has dealt the hospitality industry a huge blow, The Association aims to lend immediate support to Singapore’s cocktail community.

The Singapore Cocktail Bar Association

Singapore Cocktail Bar Association (SCBA) is a non-profit organisation that champions Singapore’s craft cocktail culture. The Association seeks to play the role of an active voice for the cocktail community, while working with its members to identify opportunities for industry growth and education. The immediate purpose of the Association is to raise corporate funds and donations that will be distributed as a means of support for the cocktail community in need.

Established in May 2020, SCBA was initiated by Gan Guoyi, Co-Owner of the Jigger & Pony Group in Singapore. Gan is also the Founding President of the Association, and is further supported by four other Founding Board Members, Andrew Yap, the Association’s Treasurer and Co-Owner of The Old Man Singapore; Vivian Pei, the Association’s Vice President and Academy Chair for Asia’s 50 Best Bars; Paul Gabie, Founding Board Member and Director of 28 HongKong Street; and Ivy Woo, Founding Board Member, Owner of Food News Integrated Marketing and Co-Founder of Singapore Cocktail Festival.

Aside from its Founding Board Members, to ensure strict governance and further participation from the industry, the Association has also appointed six Committee Members, consisting of Bai Jiawei from Employees Only; Charmaine Thio from William Grant & Sons; Colin Chia from Nutmeg & Clove; David Nguyen-Luu from Manhattan; Jesse Vida from Atlas; and Jess “Hutch” Hutchinson from No Sleep Club. Committee members will work with Board Members to ensure that the Association’s initiatives are always conducted in transparency, fairness and with the industry’s interest as a foremost priority.

At a time when there is much distress felt by bar owners and all those who work at bars, with no conclusive end in sight, this initiative provides welcome relief and a ray hope to the community. Singapore is also home to a large expat community, a lot of who work behind bars. The efforts of the Association will help alleviate some of their immediate concerns in the short term, allowing them to forge ahead with plans to recuperate in the post pandemic world.

Speaking to us on the trade’s response to SBCA, David Nguyen-Luu (Manhattan) says, “The response to SCBA has been fantastic. Everyone is excited to see the Singapore cocktail community banding together and cannot wait to see the initiatives the association will roll out. It definitely brings us all together and makes Singapore stronger.”

Vivian Pei echoes that sentiment and says “We’ve even gotten responses already from brands who want to take part, which is great news for us.”©

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