What Makes The Connaught Bar the Best In the World (Op-Ed)

It’s been a journey worth watching, and one worth applauding. As someone who has watched this steady climb to the top from front row seats, I can see why the accolade of World’s Best Bar 2020 has been conferred upon this team by The World’s 50 Best Bars. Here’s what I can tell you…

I have never missed an opportunity to head over to The Connaught Bar on a visit to London. Some days, it has been to reclaim some peace and quiet in a city that can be quite chaotic. Some days, it has been to take a peek at the new menu and see what the team has been up to. And some days, it has been for the sole purpose of basking in the warmth of The Connaught hospitality. Each of these reasons has been met with the highest level of satisfaction.

In a previous story, I talked about how the bar team at The Connaught display an exceptional ability to make everyone who walks through the door, feel like a million bucks. I have watched first-timers gingerly walk in and feel at home within minutes. I have seen regulars walk in and look like they belong. I have seen the team effortlessly allow each guest their space and time, while they elegantly stir up an unforgettable experience for them to sink into. 

Ago Perrone (Image courtesy: The Connaught)

There is an attention to detail that is hard to ignore. As a first-time guest, you’re often left wondering how it all feels so familiar if you’ve never been there before and how they are able to beguile you with a sense of luxury that feels unpretentious. Drinks that are crafted with the utmost precision and care are served in glassware that feels like it’s been picked out of Botticelli’s bar but somehow never feels out of place. Gentle murmurs make room for the musical symphony of mixing glasses and martinis being poured, while you’re sinking further into the plush leather chair that seems to have been designed to make you never want to leave. 

It’s the finer touches that make The Connaught Bar a whole experience – the careful selection of spirits and serve ware, the smiles on the faces of the team, the warm evening light that streams in through the large windows, and the impeccable service that is always respectful, but never subservient. 

The team led by Ago, Maura, and Giorgio are strongly committed to being humble and treating each guest with a tremendous amount of love and respect. This team represents the highest echelons of hospitality. At The Connaught Bar, you could be anyone, but you will always be king.

L-R: Maura, Ago, Giorgio. Image courtesy: World’s 50 Best Bars

About the author

Priyanka Blah is the founder and editor of The Dram Attic. She has spent the last decade discovering the world of bars through extensive travel, and has been chronicling the evolution of the drinks industry from both sides of the bar, paying particular attention to guest experience, menu innovations, and creativity.

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